Dairy Day at the Dumpsters

Every week or so, $afeway throws out what looks like their whole inventory of yogurt. I’m talking whole pallets of single serving yogurts in groups of 12 or 16. I think I counted at least 12 full pallets, in flavors from Greek strawberry to 100-calorie pineapple-coconut. I even found a few singles of the Siggi and Tillamook brands, which are more expensive in the store.

I always try to take what we can manage to eat before the next big yogurt dump comes around, but all those pallets can make an honest woman greedy, especially knowing that they’ll be taken to the landfill the next morning. I think I did a better job with conservative estimates of what we’ll eat this time, though.


Conservative estimate…

I also picked up a couple packages of fresh mozzarella (there was a box of 10), sour cream, and organic white cheddar slices.

We plan to make some delicious caprese salad with the mozzarella (I’ve found huge containers of basil in the past–will the dumpster Gods be kind and send some our way soon?) and we’ve got some dumpster eggs and dumpster English muffins that I can add to the cheddar for Dumpster Breakfast Sandwiches.

Bon Appetit!



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