Tater Chips and Greasy Styrofoam Prisms

Today we visited the $$tree, home of our favorite junk food dumpster, and found KETTLE POTATO CHIPS! Six bags! Also “veggie straws” aka greasy styrofoam rectangular prisms of deliciousness, peanut butter cracker sandwiches, vanilla creme cookies, corn tortillas, BEANS, and weirdly enough, a bag of rice. Our friend Emily (a dumpstering virgin) came along to observe and said, “I feel like I’m watching a professional sporting event right now.” THRILLING.


Of course, we hit up $afeway and picked up some of the usual fare, plus one new find: a container of pre-cut butternut squashed packaged with sprigs of rosemary. I suppose we’ll bake it as a side dish sometime this week and broadcast the results.

Oh, and I will never stop getting excited about day-old bagels. Hard on the outside, still soft enough to eat on the inside. Perfection, in an extremely imperfect way.


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