Quantifying a Haul


For keeps

Whenever we get a substantial haul like this one, I wonder, “How much would all this cost in the store?” So this time I went full-on investigation mode and found out the answer!

I patrolled through the store as quickly as possible, writing prices down on the back of an old medical bill envelope while smelling like trash. Due to the amount of attention I was drawing from employees, my investigation was not as thorough as it could have been. Yet I did find prices for almost everything in the haul, and I under-estimated the items I didn’t find.

Are you ready for the total? Drum roll please…


Highlights from this haul include Claussen pickles, a full gallon of unsweetened almond milk (my fav), Earth Balance vegan baking sticks, coffee&chocolate biscotti yogurt, and a super fresh fruit plate. $af3way throws out pre-cut fruit all the time, but usually it’s a little too far gone, so we brought this and other goodies to our friends’ house when we went there to babysit later that night. Their son looooooves fresh fruit; we had to cut him off.


What we gave to our friends

There was also a fuckton of whipped cream canisters in the dumpster. We rescued a couple, but the stranger I was rummaging with took some “recreational interest” in about 20 of them. Classic dumpster folk!


Dumpster after being picked over by 5+ people


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